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Since 01/01/2019, an occupational pension with ePension has been worthwhile as an employee for three reasons:

Savings contributions are invested widely and develop sustainably.
Tax and social insurance savings increase the savings contribution.
15% of savings contributions* are paid by your employer.

*Since 01/01/2019 you receive 15% on the conversion amount if social insurance contributions are saved.


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An occupational pension is an important workforce planning instrument. With ePension, established employees are tied to the company, increasing identification. New employees can be attracted with reference to the provision, due to a positive perception of the company on the recruitment market. Employers fulfil all legal requirements with the ePension scheme.


ePension is open to all employers and their employees in the EU, offering a comprehensive pension solution within the framework of the requirements of labour and social law in each respective nation.

Both individual national departments that are separated from each other, and departments per company can be implemented.

Departments can cover different pension plans for an unlimited number of employers or be used for different investment strategies.

Departments are separated from each other with regard to their assets (pension capital) and their liabilities (pension commitments).

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Brokers are our most important sales partners. In selecting them, we place the highest value on competence. For all of our services, we only commission recognised specialists.

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